Kristoffer Gildenlöw – The Rain


‘The Rain’ features Fredrik Hermansson (former Pain of Salvation), Lars Erik Asp from the Norwegian band Gazpacho on drums and percussion, Paul Coenradie (Valentine), on guitar, Anne Bakker (Blaze Bayley) on violins and viola, and Maaike Peterse (Ayreon Theater Equation, Kingfisher Sky and Kovacs) on cello. Gildenlöw also said in an interview for Headbangers Lifestyle Magazine: “As `RUST’ had more of a “theme” of growing older and coming to terms with past and future, the new album does have an actual concept to it. The new album is about the struggles and life of a man with dementia – Alzheimer’s disease. Each song deals with different memories, emotions, and ideas and this creates a good bone structure for the whole concept of the album.


After The Rain pt. II
Holding On pt. I
Seeking The Sun pt. I
Seeking The Sun pt. II
Holding On pt. II
See it All
Peripheral Memory
Breathe In, Breathe Out
In the Evening
It Was Me
All For You
The Funeral pt. I
The Funeral pt. II