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A brand new VENICE album, “JACARANDA STREET”!

The official release date of this album will not be until February 2019, but you can buy them early at this web store! 

Recorded in Venice Beach California, produced by Michael Lennon.  The first single from the album “My Love Waits For Me”. 

Best and thanks for your support,

Michael, Mark, Kipp & Pat Lennon



  1.  Jacaranda Street
  2.  Lavender Lighter
  3.  My Love Waits for Me
  4.  Stepping On That Bridge
  5.  27th Ave
  6.  Something Took You Over
  7.  Middle Age Lullaby
  8.  How Do We Do This Alone
  9.  Just Under The Surface
  10.  What If We Found We
  11.  Lifeline
  12.  Object Unidentified
  13.  Rowing
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